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Fully Integrated Software

For Cleaning/FM Contractors

TemplaCMS is a contract management software package with integrated accounts and payroll, designed specifically for cleaning/FM companies. As you will see in our explanatory video, its unique attraction is the way it stores all the information required to manage your company’s contracts in a centralised contract database and then delivers tight control of all the contract elements through its modular design.

TemplaCMS has many features not available from competitors and is backed up by a comprehensive and proactive development programme, resulting in a steady flow of upgrades and new releases.

As a standard feature TemplaCMS is fully integrated with and shares information from our preferred financial accounting and payroll package. However, the software can also be run alongside any alternate, recognised accounting software, while still retaining the advanced functionality of the fully integrated solution.

Templa Cleaning Management System Integration Diagram

“In a very competitive market it is important to be able to constantly review detailed contract performance in real-time allowing you to keep control of all cost elements no matter how small. TemplaCMS has enabled us to grow the business significantly whilst actually reducing central overhead. Over the five years we have worked with Templa to develop the software’s functionality,they have provided us with a tool that is without comparison in the contract cleaning market.”

Julian Lingham, Finance Director, Regular Cleaning, London

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