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London – April 2019

By virtue of being so labour-intensive, it is a sobering fact that for every £ of revenue earned, cleaning contractors employ six times more staff than the average UK firm. And yet no contractor I know has six times the average number of HR staff. In fact the opposite is true. For financial reasons, most cleaning contractors will not consider employing an HR Manager, even part-time, until their turnover is well above £5m. The burden of recruiting, onboarding and overseeing employee administration is borne by a combination of payroll and general admin staff. It raises the question, ‘What can contractors do to manage the many HR-related tasks more effectively and comfortably?’

Digitalising a contractor’s most important HR procedure

There is of course a software solution to HR administration in a cleaning business – one that’s already used by several contractors. As an integrated part of their contract management software, many companies are now using ‘intelligent’ forms, or Advanced Forms as we call them at Templa, not only to speed up their onboarding and employee creation process, but also to manage subsequent changes to employee details. Advanced Forms have several important benefits:

Employee Signature

  • They're user-defined. You can design them to capture whatever information you need.
  • They're electronic and can be completed on site on a mobile device whilst in the company of a new employee on site. Photographs of both the employee and Right to Work documents can be added and attached, before the form is electronically signed.
  • Once synchronised to your system, they enter your software's workflow system, moving from one department to another. Data can be checked and added to, whilst an automated instruction will alert the next person in the chain when a form is ready for them to work on.
  • Once "signed off", a simple click of a button will transfer the data from the form to its rightful home in the company’s storage system.
  • By adding the company’s standard employment T&Cs, the final version of the form can be turned into an employee contract and emailed to the employee as a pdf.

The benefit? A faster and more efficient system that saves huge amounts of time and effort, both during new contract mobilisations and beyond.

Making life easier for field management with click and drop rostering

Area managers planning staff holidays and absence cover face some well-known frustrations.

  • They use paper rather than a computer and cannot plan beyond the current pay period, even though aware of future annual leave or long-term absence.
  • They cannot easily see any gaps not covered, nor tell which staff are available to cover without looking at each site’s roster or mobile cleaner’s schedule.
  • When making a change to a roster, they must manually update the current period’s timesheet and remember to update future periods if the change affects those too.

With TemplaCMS, our Roster Manager removes these frustrations in one fell swoop. It sits over the real-time timesheets of TemplaCMS Pay and links dynamically through to them. Working across multiple sites, pay periods and payrolls, it does three things:

  • Gives your area manager touch-of-a-button visibility, on a colour-coded timeline, of staff shifts at each site from the current pay period onwards, including currently planned holidays or other absence.
  • Allows them to update absence on the timeline by simply clicking on a cell representing a shift and changing its status. Cover for that shift is easily planned by dragging and dropping the names of staff potentially able to cover into the gaps.
  • Once a change to the roster is confirmed, any affected timesheet in a current or future pay period is automatically updated, saving huge amounts of admin time both in the field and in your payroll department.
Integrated Time and Attendance
Card Reader

The third digital weapon in staff management is of course a T&A system - pretty much a ‘must have’ for contractors of a certain size. Suffice it to say that there are many systems on the market, but the benefits of a system that integrates directly to your pay and timesheet environment cannot be over-exaggerated. Quite simply, if you are already using a contract management system where you store your employee data, site details and shift patterns, you should not be using a T&A system that requires you to input all that data a second time round. Instead, opt for software that shares data dynamically with your contract management system, allowing your area managers to manage time and attendance through your core system.

With these three systems at in operation, you can well and truly call yourself ‘staff digital’.