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London – February 2017

An area manager planning staff holidays and absence cover faces some well-known frustrations.

  • They most likely plan on paper rather than a computer.
  • They cannot plan beyond the current pay period, even though aware of future annual leave or long term absence.
  • They are unable to see at a glance any gaps not covered.
  • They don’t know which staff are available to cover a gap without looking, one by one, through each site’s roster or mobile cleaner’s schedule.
  • They must manually update the current period’s timesheet when making a change to a staff roster - and remember to update future periods if the change affects those too.

Roster Manager removes these frustrations in one fell swoop

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Roster Manager is a new feature that sits over the real - time timesheets of TemplaCMS Pay and links dynamically through to them. It does three things:

  1. Firstly it gives your area manager touch-of-a-button visibility, in the form of a colour-coded timeline, of their staff shifts at each site from the current pay period onwards, including currently planned holidays or other absence.
  2. Secondly it allows them to update absence on the timeline by simply clicking on a cell representing a shift and changing its status. Cover for that shift is easily planned by dragging and dropping the names of staff potentially able to step in - listed on the corner of the screen - into the gaps
  3. Once a change to the roster is confirmed, any affected timesheet in a current or future pay period is automatically updated, saving huge amounts of admin time both in the field and in your payroll department.

Roster Manager works across multiple sites, pay periods and payrolls, giving flexibility to schedule staff quickly and effectively, reducing the potential for mistakes and making your managers more productive.

Want to find out more?

For more detail on Roster Manager, please call me personally on +44 (0)1732 823888.

Rick Stoor

Managing Director - Templa