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London – January 2018

By September 2018 all companies with an ISO9001:2008 accreditation will need to have transitioned to the new ISO9001:2015 standard and have been audited against it.

Traditionally, ISO9001 has been a challenge for cleaning contractors, due to the need for strict adherence to laid down procedures in areas such as contract mobilisation, employee on-boarding, special/ad hoc works, quality auditing, asset tracking and so on. With the hectic nature of cleaning, it is easy for these processes to be bypassed or not followed altogether, resulting in non-conformance.

And that’s where technology comes in. By using integrated contract management software to drive the timely and accurate completion of these tasks, mistakes can be eliminated and client facing activities such as billing, KPI report production and access to key contract documentation simplified. The ISO:2015 standard focuses more than ever on continuous improvement, making the use of technology a sensible option that will take the strain off admin teams and make compliance easier to manage.

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