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Widespread migration to Templa from Target Control

June 2016
Contractors with enforced deadline switch to Templa

Six months ago, the entire user base of Target Software heard the unwelcome news that the company was withdrawing support for its specialist cleaning contractor Control-2 software on 31st March 2016.

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Faced with an urgent business need to replace their payroll and billing system, several companies with a turnover of between £4m and £40m elected to switch to TemplaCMS - leading to a rapidly mobilised project at Templa to transfer multiple companies to a new contract management system - simultaneously.

Smooth transfer

The implementation was made easier through our ability to automate the data transfer, as we had built migration tools to assist in this area when moving previous Target clients across to TemplaCMS. It also helped that we had a defined and proven implementation process to steer these clients to a successful go-live in April. Nonetheless, as Peter Shellard, MD of CLD Cleaning says:“We had been using Target Control since the 1980s, so we felt under extreme pressure when we had to choose, install and learn a new software package in less than three months. After evaluating the available packages specifically written for the cleaning industry, we quickly opted for Templa CMS.

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This has proven to be the correct choice. Rick and his team have been invaluable in assisting us during our enforced, time constrained software changeover. The switch went smoothly and we are more than happy with the new system, despite the steep learning curve. In fact we're so pleased that we are now evaluating the new hygiene module that Templa have been working on for our in-house CLD Hygiene Division."

Looking forward with confidence

Our new clients are now reaping the benefits of a payroll process that offers real time, online timesheets and wage variance comparison, plus access to accurate site profitability and management information. They are embracing the latest technology and are confident in making TemplaCMS an integral part of their business for many years to come.

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