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London – September 2018

Fluid Hygiene has built an enviable reputation in commercial cleaning as the ‘go-to’ contractor for the hospitality industry. Specialising in national restaurant chains, cinemas and fitness clubs, Fluid combine the daily routine cleaning of their large client portfolio with the heavy-duty work of deep cleaning kitchens, floor renovations and post-refurbishment cleans – work that is often done ‘on demand’ by specialist teams and requires expertise above and beyond routine cleaning. Essential to this type of work is the ability to schedule work in advance, budget staff and resources accurately, and invoice clients correctly.

With so many of their cleaning locations used by the public, it’s no surprise that their clients are also fastidious about pristine standards of cleanliness. Add to the mix that the cleaning must be done whilst the premises are closed and you can see why Fluid rely on very tight controls right across their operation.

Systems upgrade needed

Fluid already used Cleanlink to manage their key processes, but felt that in many areas vital to their business the software did not provide sufficient flexibility or control. As a result, the Directors decided to switch to TemplaCMS and following an implementation period that included data migration and detailed parallel testing, the system went live in March 2018.

Four key benefits

Matt Gregson, Fluid’s Operations Director highlights four areas where the company has seen major improvement. The first is payroll and timesheet management where his managers now benefit from being able to access their timesheets online and in real time. “Everything is so much quicker and more efficient. They can view their timesheets any time they like, see updated joiners and leavers and adjust hours online. We know exactly where we stand against budget before we press the button”.


Second is quality auditing, with the company now able to design audit sheets that are bespoke to the type of building being cleaned. For example, the score sheet for a restaurant is different to that for a cinema. The managers receive their schedule of audits electronically at the start of the month and perform the audits on their iPads. Matt says, “Our clients find the results very easy to understand, appreciate receiving the results immediately and love the way we can attach photos to demonstrate particular issues”.

Third is budgeting and analysis, an area that is of critical importance when so much of Fluid’s work is carried out on a mini-project basis. Templa’s advanced Workbills module assists here by generating a profit and loss account for each job.

Fourth is the customised report building function, meaning that clients can receive exactly the reports they want to see in easy-to-read format. This had been an issue with the previous software, where the reporting was restricted to a few off-the-shelf options.

Investing for financial reward

Matt praises the attitude of his staff, who have taken on board new ways of working in order to maximise the benefits of the software. He also credits the Templa team with being “100% available to ensure the implementation went smoothly”.

The benefits to Fluid are clear. During a period when the business is seeing rapid revenue growth, the company is managing to keep overheads in check and, at the same time, take client relationships to a new level.