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quality manager

Proving to clients that you have an effective, IT-enabled system to deliver a comprehensive compliance programme is a pre-requisite of client satisfaction and contract retention.

Quality Manager delivers this requirement with a standalone, easy-to-implement software package that automates your auditing process, reduces your administration costs and strengthens your client relationships.

With minimal data set-up and modest server requirements, it allows you to create your own scorecard and audit templates for any type of audit, before scheduling and monitoring the completion of the audits themselves.

As well as giving you complete flexibility in design, Quality Manager automates the process of following up outstanding audits, dealing with failures and scheduling re-audits.

Quality manager diagram

Not available in other packages, Quality Manager contains three leading edge software features: Workflow, Document Control and Analytics. These automate the electronic flow of audit results, exception instructions and approvals that are necessary to manage the audit process, as well as offering user-defined performance report design.

Empowering your field management through mobile technology, Quality Manager reassures clients that you are managing their contract effectively. By analysing and summarising compliance data and letting you share it, along with any other key contract documents, through a secure client portal on your website, clients can see that you are adding real value.