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Service Point

Manage contract compliance and your interaction with clients by exploiting mobile technology and providing clients with information via a secure portal.

Referred to as Service Point, as the name suggests this is a suite of service-related modules. They can be licensed separately from the TemplaCMS Core System, but can be fully integrated with the Core System where this is already in use.

Service Point modules include:

Customer Service icon

Customer Service

Consolidate Help Desk or CRM activity, including the management and tracking of internal service requests.

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Quality Audits icon

Quality Audits

Centrally control and distribute site audit schedules, with user-defined templates and scoring, exception management and client reporting.

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Mobile CMS icon

Mobile CMS

Empower field managers to perform admin and compliance tasks on site, rather than having to call or visit the office to check information.

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Customer Portal icon

Customer Portal

Allow client access via your website to their own contract information such as the site binder, staff training records, or outstanding invoices.

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Employee Portal icon

Employee Portal

Enable two-way communications with your frontline staff. Give them access to selected, relevant company documentation and provide secure viewing to their payslips, holiday calendars and personal data.

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Manager Portal icon

Manager Portal

Give field managers real-time, web browser access to Roster Manager and Timesheets whilst on the move.

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Team portal icon

Team portal

Allow special works teams to manage workbills via web browser on their mobile device whilst on site.

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