Workflow & Documents

TemplaCMS Workflow is fully integrated across all modules in the system. It allows configuration and automation of decision and approval processes that are normally paper or e-mail based. Workflow allows requests and authorisations to be generated and signed off electronically and automatically, with the relevant staff alerted to confirm actions have happened.

At each stage in Workflow, one or more individuals may be responsible for a decision request. Once the request is complete, Workflow ensures that individuals responsible for the next request in the sign-off chain are notified and receive the data they need to complete their stage of the process. The sender of the request is always kept in the loop as to its progress through the sign-off chain.

Typical challenges faced by contractors

  • The majority of your processes require a sign-off chain to initiate or authorise work such as setting up, amending or terminating contract details, onboarding new employees, ordering cleaning materials and washroom consumables, or raising and signing off purchase orders. This takes time and delays completion.
  • Your ability to pick up requests for expenditure that fall outside agreed sign-off levels relies on the manual intervention of admin or finance staff who are familiar with the rules.
  • Your timesheet completion, for example, is a manual process where your field managers visit the office to discuss budget variances face to face with payroll, before signing-off variances.

how your business benefits

  • TemplaCMS Workflow greatly reduces the amount of manual admin required, both in terms of reducing the number of individual admin tasks needed to generate transactions and in transporting the paperwork around the business, which may also be across multiple offices.
  • TemplaCMS Workflow means your company can drive business process through the system, ensuring that staff complete their business tasks quickly and efficiently, backed up by a full audit trail of all online activity. This will go some way towards you achieving a paperless office and enhancing your company‚Äôs own 'green' credentials.

how your business benefits